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City Clerk/Treasurer


Audray McCollum (Picture Pending)

The Clerk is the secretary for the City Council.  She publishes and posts the agenda for City Council meeting, takes minutes for all council meetings, and provides packets of information to each council member before meetings.

She also records, stores, and retrieves City documents.

The Clerk is responsible for all activities concerning City finances including investments, financial reporting and fulfillment of regulatory requirements, annual city budget (with the approval of the mayor), all aspects of payroll including maintaining personnel files including sick and vacation records.

The City Clerk also supervises three other employees who work at our City Hall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Libby have a requirement for business licenses?

Yes.  If you sell goods or services in the city limits, you are required to purchase a business license prior to operating your business.  You may get a copy of a business license at city hall or download one here.  Fees are due January 1 of each year. Businesses operating within the 59923 zip code are charged $40. Fees outside the Libby zip area are $60. See City Code Chapter 5.04.010.

How do I access city documents?

You have the right to view any city documents.  You may make the request in writing or in person at city hall.  Documents may be viewed at City Hall.  If you wish copies, there is a $.25 per page charge.