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February 5,2018


City Administrators Report February 5th, 2018



New Fire Hall Roof


On Tuesday, January 30, 2018, Steve Lauer sent me an email, saying there was a leak in the new roof at the Fire Hall. Steve said the crew was having training when the leak was noticed in th Northwest corner of the building. I contacted Mike Fraser. Mike came to Libby and met with Steve Lauer and Tom Wood .


There was no longer an active leak but there was a water spot on the ceiling where leaking had taken place. Mike contacted Montana Sheet Metal from Missoula to  inform them of the problem . It was decided to wait until there was no snow on the roof to get a good observation of where the leak may be coming fr om.


Tom Wood mentioned, in an email, that Kevin Miller is starting repairs in the new buil ding. Over the years vents in the kitchen area leaked. This was turned into the insurance company a few years back. Damage repairs are finally being taken care of soon.



Annual Report


Last week, I finished compiling the data for US Fish & Wildlife Service annual report. This report is to be completed every year, for the first five years of operations at the Flower Cr eek dam.

The report consists of flow data in and out of the reservoir, water temperature at 3 locations on Flo wer Creek, reservoir elevat ion, whether or not the dam is spilling, and any opening or closing ofthe kn if e gate in the valve house is recorded.


The city has an agreement with the US Forest Service to do the water temperature monit oring. Instruments in place record the temperatures. This information is provided to  me for the periods specified in the Biological Assessment. The monitoring periods run from July to September.


The operators at the Water Treatment plant have a log book for recording changes they make to the knife gate at the dam. They record the staff gauge elevation on the upstream side of the dam as well as the m anual inflow gage located at the old USGS station located upstream from the reser voir .






The month of January was not as bad as last year for sno w. There were only 6 total snow days; crews plowed on 3 of them. No t having to pay crew overtime provided some relief to our

bu dget. Plowing was done on the regular scheduled shift s. Winter is a long way from over, Feb ru ar y of 2017 had so much snowfall we needed to shovel off City Hall .


The water treatment plant operators had another month of good water conditions and were able to take another filt er off line for cleaning and maint enance . This is the second one this

sea so n, they hope things keep running smoothly  enough to  work on a third filt er . The plant has a total of 4 fi lt er s.


On Thursday, January 25th a call came in at about 6:30pm, a main at 1415 Montana  was backed up. It is unusual to have this main plug as it is the trunk line from the Cabinet  Heights area and gener all y has a lot of flow to keep material moving. When crews arrived, they cleared the line

and found a lot of debr is, line rags, wire and writing pens, all items that should not  be in a sew er.


Jim Hammons