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September 18,2017 Regular Council Meeting # 1478



The 1478th Regular Meeting of the City Council was held on Monday, September 18, 2017 in the Council Chambers at City Hall.


Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Mayor Brent Teske.

Present were Ms. Williams, Mr. Zimmerman, Ms. Smith, Mr. Beach , Mrs. Ford , City Administrator Jim Hammons and City Deputy Clerk  Jackie Powell. City Clerk Audray McCollum, City Attorney Dean Chisholm and council person Gary Armstrong were absent.

Prayer was offered by Ora Miller.

Mrs. Ford made a motion to approve the minutes from council meeting # 1477 held on September 5, 2017.

Ms. Williams SECOND.

Williams, Zimmerman, Smith, Beach, and Ford voted for.

Armstrong absent




Mayor Teske stated nothing has changed with the breed specific ordinance; the committee will be looking at different recommendation at future meetings.


Committee Reports:

Cemetery/Parks: Ms. Williams will be calling a meeting next week. The committee will discuss smoking complaints from the splash pad.

Fire:  Mr. Zimmerman reported there were 10 calls for the month of August, 2 calls in the city 7 rural and 1 call out of district. The department received the rural development grant for turn out gear and thanked Audray and Jim for helping get the grant. They are working on sizing and ordering the turn out gear and communication masks as requested in the grant. The department is working with Round Up for Safety to replace a fit test machine.

Police:  None.

Resolutions/Ordinances:  None.

Lights/Streets/Sidewalks: Mr. Beach will be calling a meeting next week.

Building:   Mr. Beach will be calling a meeting next week to discuss the Ponderosa room fee schedule.

Water/Sewer: Mr. Zimmerman is waiting on some information from the City Attorney regarding a sewer issue on Nevada Ave.

Personnel: None.

Budget: None.

Finance: None.

City Administrator: Jim Hammons stated the camp ground host left for the season. The city guys will be winterizing the sprinkler systems and closing up the bathrooms.

KRDC: There will be meeting this Thursday.

City County Health Board: None.


Public Comment on Non- Agenda Items:

DC Orr, 1117 Nevada, stated the new heath board is acting like the old health board. Mr. Orr has asked to be on the health board’s agenda and was not allowed to discuss anything about Allan Payne.  Mr. Orr said there was bad stuff going on at the board and the council was not staying informed. Mr. Orr will hold the council accountable if questions are not asked.  Council needs to be proactive and not passive. People of Libby are counting on you with the superfund site.

Bill Cunnane, 622 Michigan Ave, thanked Mayor Teske for all the work he has done with Emergency Management, stating Mayor Teske showed great professionalism and leadership with all the wildfires.

Shane Campbell, 621 Utah, Thanked Jim Hammons and the city crew for the good work they do.  Mr. Campbell asked why his neighbor was asked to get a building permit for new windows and siding.  Mayor Teske said he would talk to the building inspector and let Mr. Campbell know.

Marv Sather, 216 Nevada, said the city lawns looked great. He thanked the council and mayor for their service. Mr. Sather gave council background on how the school board wanted to ban a book that he was teaching and how he reached a compromise and was able to continue teaching the book. Mr. Sather asked council to reconsider their vote on medical marijuana dispensaries and reach a compromise for the good of the community. He wants Libby to move forward and be open for change.


New Business:

Approval of Community Development Funds for Way Finding Signs:

Tina Oliphant, KRDC, gave council a background on the Way Finding signs and said Jim Hammons put together the bids for the signs. Mr. Hammons said the bids were for the signs only and did not include materials for installing the signs. Mr. Hammons would like to get a few more bids to have a better number for council to vote on. Mr. Hammons does not want the city to be caught off guard if the costs are too high. Mr. Hammons would like the Welcome to Libby signs also included in the grant.

Ms. Smith expressed concern with meeting the grant deadline and missing out on the funding cycle.

Ms. Smith MADE A MOTION that the city commits to spending up to $50,000.00 from the Community Development Fund towards the Way Finding and Welcome signs as the third cash match to the tourism and business development grant.

Mr. Zimmerman SECOND.

DC Orr asked if the Community Development fund was the Economic Development Fund.  Mayor Teske said the fund name and the use process and purpose were changed by council resolution.

Charles McFarland,62 Ave B, asked council to consider the motion, stating a lot of work and planning has gone into the signs and would be good for the city.

Williams, Zimmerman, Smith, Beach, and Ford voted for.

Armstrong absent



Resolution 1903-Fee Schedule for Planning:

Ms. Williams asked about the process between the City of Libby and the county for applying for a permit. Ms. Smith said that process would be worked out; the county was currently in a transition period in the planning department.

Ms. Smith MADE A MOTION to adopt resolution 1903 establishing city planning review fees.

Mrs. Ford SECOND.

Williams, Zimmerman, Smith, Beach, and Ford voted for.

Armstrong absent



Resolution 1909-Settle agreement between the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices and the City of Libby, Montana:

Mayor Teske TABELED, resolution 1909, until October 2, when City Attorney Dean Chisholm would be present to answer legal questions.

DC Orr said there were several people wanting to comment on resolution 1903 and they should be able to. Mr. Orr went though the resolution and ordinance process according to council rules and procedures.  Mr. Orr asked if the public would be allowed to make comments.  Mayor Teske said the public would be allowed to make statements when the city attorney was present.


Approve new business license received to date.

  • 406 Beetles-90 North Kearney Ave, Libby- Dermestid beetle skull cleaning and bleaching and other taxidermy work.

Mrs. Ford MADE A MOTION to approve the new business license received to date.

Mr. Beach SECOND.

Williams, Zimmerman, Smith, Beach, and Ford voted for.

Armstrong absent



Unfinished Business:

Council Rules and Procedures



General comments from the council:

Gary Beach said the council was approached a few months ago and told; contractors would be securing the east wall of the old high school.  He said the barricades had been removed and wood was stacked under the wall.  Mr. Beach wants the city to approach the owner and see what their intent is.  The wall is a huge safety issue. Mayor Teske agreed and said the city will continue and try to contact Mr. Curry and see what his intentions are.

Shane Campbell, 621 Utah, stated it was a 911 concern because children play there. He thanked Mr. Beach for bringing this to council.



Ms. Williams MADE A MOTION to adjourn the meeting.

Mrs. Ford SECOND.

Williams, Zimmerman, Smith, Beach, and Ford voted for.

Armstrong absent


Meeting was ADJOURNED at 7:48 pm.





______________                         Attest; ______________________________

Mayor, Brent Teske                          Jackie Powell, Deputy City Clerk-Treasurer



Dictation by Audray J. McCollum