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Ron Higgins, Building Inspector
Office hours: W-Th, 8-5
Telephone: 406-293-2731x5
Cellphone: 406-291-0177

Ron Higgins, Building Inspector

The City of Libby’s building department performs plan reviews and inspections on all commercial and residential building projects within the city limits. We also inspect business buildings to ensure public safety and health.

City building permits are required by law for all new construction, remodels, additions, alterations, improvements, detached garages, decks, storage sheds and demolition of all or parts of existing construction.  State permits are required for electrical work, plumbing and mechanical work.

The current codes that the City of Libby has adopted:


The Fire Marshal’s office is responsible for enforcing the International Fire Code, and for performing fire/alarm plan reviews and Fire Life Safety inspections.

Please be aware that homes and businesses in the City of Libby may contain asbestos contamination.  Before beginning a remodeling project, you should contact the Libby EPA Information Center at 406-293-6194 to obtain any information about EPA clean-up of your property.

You may obtain copies of building permits at city hall or by downloading a copy here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I begin construction without a building permit?

You will be assessed a fee.  The fee will be 50% of the combined plan review and building permit fee, with a minimum fee of $250 and a maximum fee not to exceed $1000.

Do contractors need to be licensed?

Contractors are required to register with the State of Montana.  You can contact them at www.mtcontractor.com  or by calling 406-444-9029.  The City of Libby requires contractors to obtain a City business license before commencing work. Download a business license here.

Do I need to be concerned about asbestos?

Asbestos tainted vermiculite was previously widely utilized in Libby for insulation.  The EPA has been cleaning properties in the City of Libby and in the surrounding area since 2001.  Property owners should be informed about the progress of any clean-up on their properties.  Information can be obtained by calling the Libby EPA Information Center at 406-293-6194, or the ERS specialist at 406-293-5335.  Another sources of information is the Montana Department of Environmental Quality.

What do I need to apply for a building permit?

You must get a permit application which is available from the building inspector or at the city hall front desk.  You may also download a copy here.   Most projects will require one set of plans or specifications which define the scope, intent, and method of construction.  Typically the drawings are required to have the following information:  site plan showing property boundaries and set backs, location to other buildings, parking areas and adjacent streets and alleys, floor plans showing shape and dimensions of the construction, doors, windows and room areas, a section view showing method of construction and materials used and how they are to be assembled.  Additional information may be required for commercial construction or unusual or hazardous structures.

What construction is exempt from building permits?

Sheds or playhouses under 200 square feet in area, fences under 6 feet tall, retaining walls not over 4 feet high, painting, papering, tiling, carpeting, cabinets or countertops and similar finish work. Modular homes are exempt from permits, but you must get a permit for the foundation construction.  Sidewalks and driveways are exempt from permits at this time, but there are construction requirements in the City ordinances and inspection is required.

What are the setback requirements?

This depends on your location within the City limits.  City ordinances outlive the requirements for zoning setbacks.  Typical residential zone setbacks are 7 feet from the side line and a total of 16 feet overall, and 25 feet from the street front line.  You should inquire at City Hall for the exact distances for your property.

What do permits cost?

Approximately 1% of the total construction value.

My property is located outside of the City limits. Do I need a building permit?

No. You only need a City building permit if you are located in the city limits.  You may need State or County permits for some construction including electrical, plumbing, mechanical and septic systems.