City Administrator

Mr. Jim Hammons is the chief administrative officer of the city and is appointed by the mayor to this position.  He oversees the day-to-day operations of the city.

He directs and supervises city employees and projects; makes recommendations to the Mayor and Council; interacts with local businesses, community members, state and regional partners; prepares reports for City Council and for various governmental agencies.

The City Administrator prepares the budget and capital plans for council’s consideration in conjunction with the mayor, city clerk and departments heads. He is responsible for screening, testing and interviewing new employees. Each month the City Administrator prepares a report for the first monthly City Council meeting.  You can read the monthly report here.

Mr. Hammons has 14 years of experience in city government.


City Administrator Reports

May 7,2018 4 May 2018 City Administrator's Report - City Administrators Report May 7th, 2018   Change of Scenery   For the past month things have been changing around City Hall. The Council Chambers were turned around and is now facing in the opposite direction. This is a better ... (read more)
April 2,2018 30 March 2018 City Administrator's Report - City Administrator’s Report April 2nd, 2018   Water Meters   It has been over 4 years since we started a serious quest to replace and fix all non-working water meters in the city. In 2013, during the water system upgrades ... (read more)
March 5,2018 7 March 2018 City Administrator's Report - City Administrators Report March 5th, 2018   Lighting Projects   Last month I spoke with the operators at the WWTP regarding the outside lighting at the plant. Over the years lights have burned out and not been replaced. During the ... (read more)