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USFWS issues Draft Biological Opinion on Flower Creek Dam

Flower Creek Dam Biological Opinion – Draft issued September 23, 2013


Capital Improvements Plan Amendment

The City is in the process of amending its Capital Improvements Plan (2011) to include a prioritization and expansion of recommended sidewalk improvements.  A public hearing will be held on August 21st at 6:00 pm in City Hall.  See the draft for public review here: CIP Final Draft


Permitting the Flower Creek Dam

The City has been advised that it needs to conduct a complete biological assessment in consultation with the USFWS in order to assess impacts to fish and wildlife as a result of the dam’s replacement.  This is different from the direction the City received in 2012.  To view the correspondence […]


Enjoying the Parks of Libby

Spring has arrived along with flocks of singing robins and bright crocuses.  Some of us are getting out rakes and shovels.  Some of us are heading to the park with our children, our pets, or our picnic lunches. Libby has several parks for local residents of all ages and interests […]


Water Distribution System Upgrades for 2013

With all the discussion about the new Flower Creek Dam construction in 2014, many of you may not be aware that the City is also undertaking about $4 million in repairs and upgrades to our water distribution system.  The bidding process could begin this month and construction could start as […]


History of Flower Creek Dam

There are several big projects that the city began undertaking in 2012.  These included preparation for the construction of the Flower Creek Dam in 2014; major repairs to leaking water distribution lines; installation of pressure reduction valves and curb-side water meters for properties with broken meters; street repair; new sidewalks […]


Flower Creek Dam Moves Ahead

The city of Libby is moving ahead with plans for construction of a new dam on Flower Creek in 2014 at an estimated cost of $8.5 million. The engineering firm contracted to oversee the project, Morrison-Maierle, has secured $850,000 in grants and hopes to secure another $450,000 for a total […]