Water Treatment Plant

The Libby Water Treatment Plant was constructed during 1997 and 1998 at a cost of $5 million and began continuous operation in December of 1999. Design capacity for the plant is 4 million gallons per day with an average daily production of 1.3 million gallons per day. The treatment plant provides safe, clean drinking water to consumers both inside the city limits and in other nearby county properties.

Staffed with three state-certified operators, the plant is operated and monitored seven days a week. The daily operations of the plant are conducted in accordance with state and federal regulations governing the Safe Drinking Water Act. The water plant is equipped with a back-up generator that powers the water plant during power outages to provide uninterrupted service to customers as well as water for fire protection.

Libby’s source of water is surface water from a reservoir on Flower Creek. The reservoir holds 221 acre-feet and is formed by the Flower Creek Dam.