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Streets/Sidewalks & Water Distribution


The city street department wears many hats.  They are responsible for street maintenance which includes repairs, cleaning and snow removal.   They also are responsible for reading and repairing water meters and maintaining  water distribution mains.

The Road and Street Department is responsible for the maintenance of the cemetery and other parks. This includes opening and closing for funerals.

This department employs 8 full time employees and 3-6 part time seasonals.

Seasonal employees working with the street department mow and maintain city parks and the City Cemetery during the summer months.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the City Maintain Grinder Pumps in Residential Areas?

Grinder pumps are installed on private properties and are the responsibility of the property owner (City Code Chapter 13.02.150).  The City has purchased a spare grinder pump for temporary usage by a property owner in the case of failure.  Contact Jim Hammons at City Hall for more information.

Does the City Offer Any Assistance for Sidewalk Repairs?

The city will remove damaged sidewalks and provide fill material for the new sidewalk.  The city will also pay $6 per linear foot of poured cement. Funds are limited for sidewalk repair and are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Contact the City Administrator for more information.

Who Is Responsible for the Maintenance of City Sidewalks?

It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain public sidewalks abutting his property.  This includes the costs of repairing damaged sidewalks, snow shoveling in winter and de-icing. See Libby Municipal Code Chapter 12.08.

Does Libby Have a Junk Vehicle Ordinance?

What Will the City Do if My Vehicle Is Parked on the Road During Plowing Regulation Hours?

Your vehicle will be subject to impoundment.

When Do Parking Regulations during Snow Plowing Season Begin?

Snow Plowing regulations are in effect November 1-March 31.  See Libby Municipal Code Chapter 10 for plowing hours.