Special Meeting PERS Water 5/9/18 @ 6pm




WEDNESDAY MAY 9, 2018 @ 6:00 P.M





  1. Resolution 1917-The City of Libby, Montana adopts the final Environmental Assessment for the water distribution system improvements, the 9 day of May 2018.


  1. Resolution 1918- The 2018 City of Libby water system preliminary engineering report amendment is designated as the official document used to assess the City if Libby water system facility needs.


  1. Resolution 1919-The City of Libby is applying to the Montana Department of Commerce for financial assistance from the Treasure State Endowment Program (TESP) for improvements to their water distribution system. The City of Libby has the legal jurisdiction and authority to construct, finance, operate and maintain the water distribution system. The City of Libby agrees to comply with all state laws describe in the TSEP application. The City of Libby commits to provide matching funds as proposed in the TSEP application. That Mr.Brent Teske, Mayor is authorized to submit the application to the Montana Department of Commerce on behalf of the City of Libby.


  1. Approve up to $200,000.00 from International Paper funds (2386) to match for P.E.R project grants.


  1. Authorizing Statement:








Posted 5/7/18